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  Why no Electric? Kamoy !!

29-Aug-11      :      Electrical Installation     

     Recently we re-installed Electrics for a house that we had re-wired before. Not because we did a bad job the first time, but because the cable had been stolen.

    Mostly it was taken from the attic. This was where we had rewired. Previously none of the cable was in conduit. Luckily they didn't take it all. I like to think that our client was spared total clean out because we had done such a good job of hiding the cable in conduit and connection boxes. A neighbour's house, that still had the exposed spaghetti solution, had been completely stripped.
Just the Heavy Duty stuff, most valuable per metre, went. The mains into the house, The 6mm for air-con/kitchen appliances and some of the 2.5mm for sockets had vanished.
We knew the electrics well in that house and were happy to do the job of balancing the phases and making the Electric Safe again. The thieves had also taken some telephone and TV aerial cable which we hadn't noticed on our initial assessment. All is up and running again now.

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