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  Redirect Virus: Mystery to Solve

16-Feb-12      :      Computer Service     

     Nightmare for my client; but it held a morbid fascination for this Geek. A new virus. Cleaned beautifully, only to get the call: "I still have the same problem."

    Every time the client wanted to surf the net, whatever page, the status bar reported waiting to be redirected to some other page. Nightmare. Especially if you do your e-mail online. He did. Nothing could be done.
I took away his notebook as I could see the computer needed a clean up. NOTE: Only one antivirus and one anti-spyware program should be installed on your computer.
In the workshop, we uninstalled all the crap and installed our favourite anti-virus/anti-spyware programs and ran them to disinfect the computer. We cleaned out the hosts file and tidied up the Windows Registry. We defragmented the drives and tested the internet. Hard wired and Wireless. All was good.
We returned the notebook with confidence. All is well. I fired up the computer and surfing was easy. A passing traveller did his e-mail online. {Later realised we were online through neighbour's wireless router}
My heart sunk when we got the call: "I still have the same problem."
What?? Where had the virus been hiding? Must be from a webpage that the client's revisiited.
I went. I saw. Same problem again. Redirect to some page that couldn't be found.
It was the router. Had to be. Only happened when using this router. Sure enough, the router had been hacked.
CHANGE your ROUTER's default admin PASSWORD. Is the best way to stop this happening.

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