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If you don’t have a security system, ACT NOW.

If a burglar wants to get in, he will find a way. NOT TRUE.

By improving security, burglaries can be prevented or made more difficult for the criminal.


     - You can make a difference

     - We can help

Alarm Kits

Closed Circuit TV Cameras

Real-Time View over Internet

Trip Wire Beam

Motion Detector

Door and Window Contact Alarms

Driveway Alarms

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Some stories about what we do:

Redirect Virus: Mystery to Solve

16-Feb-12: Computer Service


Nightmare for my client; but it held a morbid fascination for this Geek. A new virus. Cleaned beautifully, only to get the call: "I still have the.....  more

Floods cause more Cloud

15-Dec-11: Websites


Our Bangkok Clients couldn't get to work due to flooding. No access to their Network, but the Website has some Client data - maybe it should have mo.....  more

New Website Unleashed

27-Oct-11: Websites


Ban Dee Digital finally updates its own Website. While making and upgrading clever CMS websites for our clients, the ancient Ban Dee site w.....  more

Why no Electric? Kamoy !!

29-Aug-11: Electrical Installation


Recently we re-installed Electrics for a house that we had re-wired before. Not because we did a bad job the first time, but because the cable had.....  more